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Fire & Rescue Emergency Conveyor

Fire & Rescue, Disaster Preparedness Portable Conveyor System

Access Construction Equipment manufactures Miniconveyor, the Portable, Powerful Conveyors that easily adapt to any job site. Featuring aircraft grade aluminum frames, solid stainless steel slider beds, and foam filled cores, they are structurally strong yet lightweight. Each 10’ section weighs less than 200 lbs making them ideal for on-site disaster recovery. Miniconveyors have no pinch points, are easy to deploy, and are proven safe for transporting victims in stokes.
Access Construction Equipment will design a mini conveyor system for your municipality featuring Miniconveyor. This system has been proven in tough conditions from the subways of New York to Japan. Miniconveyor units can be deployed from our custom designed trailer powered by its own generator. The use of Miniconveyor belt conveyor aids rescue crews in quickly evacuating injured victims as well as rubble and debris in disaster situations. Expediting quick egress reduces time and physical exhaustion, allowing rescue workers to move to the next stage in any rescue effort.
Miniconveyor portable conveyors have been widely used around the globe for construction and mining conveyor applications. Access Construction Equipment is pleased to now contribute to the safety of our society by partnering with metropolises worldwide in this cutting edge application of Miniconveyor portable conveyor systems.
Miniconveyor is the unique powerful portable conveyor system perfect for disaster recovery applications. They are the safe, easily deployed, proven solution for evacuating victims of a disaster or removing rubble and debris.

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